Fukushima Pref ecture
Choose Fukushima Dedicated to Your Success.

Fukushima Prefecture's Location Environment Offers Powerful Support to Your Business.

A total of 2,267 factories have been annually founded in Fukushima since 1989. The amount of manufactured goods shipped also marks top sales in Tohoku.

We think that the good location and environment of Fukushima is well recognized by companies.

We have high traffic accessibility, safe and secure industrial bases, comfortable living environment, and skilled and tenacious workers. Factory location in Fukushima supports your business and production.

Superior Transport Access

Located 200km from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Fukushima is integrated in a high-speed transportation/distribution system.

A Talented and Abundant Workforce

Fukushima cultivates both the talent corporations seek and educational institutions fully equipped to support research and development.

Efficient Management

Fukushima offers convenience and low business costs at the meeting point of the Kanto and Tohoku regions.

Powerful Support System and Industrial Agglomeration

Enterprise location in Fukushima is complemented by a substantial preferential system, while industrial agglomeration advances collaboration among industry, academia, and government.

A Comfortable Place to Live

The rich natural environment and traditional culture of Fukushima make for relaxed living environment with short commutes.

Industrial Park Information

Aizu Naka-Dori(Ken-Poku) Naka-Dori(Ken-Chu) Naka-Dori(Ken-Nan) Hama-dori