Fukushima Pref ecture

Powerful Support Systems and Industrial Agglomeration

Enterprise location in Fukushima is complemented by a substantial preferential system, while industrial agglomeration advances collaboration among industry, academia, and government.

A substantial preferential system for enterprise location

Fukushima Prefecture offers partial assistance of up to 20 billion yen of the initial investment of companies locating in the prefecture. Primary target sectors are industries related to transport equipment, semiconductors, and medical care devices. Tax benefits such as total exemption of real-estate acquisition tax and loan credit system are also available for new construction or expansion of factories over a certain size, as well as various subsidy systems for companies that locate in power supply regions. Fukushima supports companies locating in the prefecture with one of Japan's top-level preferential systems.

*When applicable to the agglomeration industries specified in the basic plan of
each region in accordance with the Corporate Location Promotion Law.

Strong post-relocation follow-up

Fukushima Prefecture greets companies with a comprehensive system that cover the entire location process from preliminary discussions through and beyond the stat of operations. When it is time to file all the applications for location, we work closely with all related institutions to support you with one-stop service.

Once enterprises are settled, we work just as hard to provide follow-up as we did to win their business, regularly exchanging information between companies and the prefecture7s seven regional Promotion Bureaus, to offer multifaceted support in such areas as business expansion and securing and training human resources.

Agglomeration of transport equipment, semiconductor, and medical care device industries

The value of manufactured products shipped from Fukushima Prefecture accounts for a third of the total for the Tohoku region. The prefecture is particularly actively involved in agglomeration and promotion of shipping and transport, semiconductor, and medical and welfare apparatus-related industries.

Transport Equipment Related Industries

Approximately 300 transport equipment-related companies in Fukushima possess the manufacturing or processing technology used in factories that produce key components like the engines that power automobiles or jets for airplanes. As we continue to invite new companies to locate in the prefecture, we are also working to strengthen technological capabilities by forming industry networks and increase opportunities for firms in the prefecture to win orders.

Semiconductor Related Industries

A number of major semiconductor manufacturers are located in the prefecture. We are working toward a semiconductor-related industry agglomeration while striving for collaboration with outstanding local companies for precision instruments processing and maintenance.

Medical and welfare apparatus-related industries

With world-class medical care device manufacturers located in the prefecture, Fukushima is home to a flourishing industry of medical device parts and products, and a number of universities in the prefecture are enthusiastically engaged in device research and development. Fukushima is now developing the Utsukushima (Beautiful Fukushima) Next-Generation Medical Industry Agglomeration Project, aiming to became a global center for medical device planning and production.