Fukushima Pref ecture

Powerful Support Systems and Industrial Accumulation

Enterprise location in Fukushima is complemented by a substantial preferential system, while industrial clusters are being advanced through collaboration among industry, academia and government.

A Substantial Preferential System for Enterprise Location

In Fukushima Prefecture we provide subsidies to partially cover the initial investment required for the establishment of businesses here.
These subsidies c hief ly target t he t ransport m achine-related, semiconductor-related, medical and welfare device-related, renewable energy-relate, and agriculture/commerce/industry collaboration-related industries. In addition, we support the establishment of businesses with some of the best incentive systems available nationwide. These include various tax benefits allowed for businesses in special reconstruction districts loan programs, various support programs provided for corporations setting up in power supply regions, etc.

*When applicable to the agglomeration industries specified in the basic plan of
each region in accordance with the Corporate Location Promotion Law.

Strong Post-Relocation Follow-up

Fukushima Prefecture has prepared a complete backup system covering everything from business set up consultation through to operations.
Through close collaboration with related organizations, we provide a one-stop service to help relocating companies cope with each procedure when they establish their business in Fukushima, and we also attempt to attract businesses by offering post-business establishment follow-up support We conduct information exchanges with corporations on a regular basis in partnership with Development Bureaus in seven regions, and provide multifaceted support including with business transaction expansions, and with the securing and cultivation of human resources.

Agglomeration of industries related to transport equipment, semiconductors, medical and welfare equipment, and recyclable energy.

A third of the Tohoku region’ s manufactured products are shipped from Fukushima, and the prefecture is making a particular effort to gather companies and promote expansion in industries related to transport equipment, semiconductors, and medical and welfare devices.

Transport Equipment- Related Industry

In this industry, in addition to attracting new corporations, Fukushima Prefecture is bolstering its technical capacities and increasing the number of order booking opportunities by creating an interenterprise network. This is being accomplished via a shipping transport related industry with approximately 350 corporate members that possess the manufacturing and processing technology used in plants including those that produce essential components such as automobile and aircraft engines.

Semiconductor- Related Industry

A number of major semiconductor manufacturers have set up operations in Fukushima. While facilitating collaboration between outstanding local corporations, including those involved in precision machine processing and maintenance, we are endeavoring to establish clustering of semiconductor related industry in the prefecture.

Medical and Welfare Equipment-Related Industry

Multinational medical d evice manufacturers have set up operations in the prefecture and are very active in the production of medical device parts and products. Because intense progress is being made on device R&D at various universities within the prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture is developing the "Utsukushima Next-Generation Medical Industry Accumulation Project" in order to create a medical device planning and manufacturing center that leads the world.

Renewable Energy-Related Industry

With the aim of creating a major center for the renewable energyrelated industry, Fukushima Prefecture is endeavoring to form a strong network through an industry-academia-government study group, and also to concentrate and nurture the renewable energyrelated industry by cultivating industrial human resouces, facilitating collaborative R&D with universities in the prefecture, and sponsoring industrial fairs.