Fukushima Pref ecture

Superior Transport Access

Located 200km from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area,
Fukushima is integrated in a high-speed
transportation/distribution system.

In addition to geomorphic superiority where Fukushima is located in the center of East-Japan and near Tokyo, its traffic infrastructure of roads, water and air is well maintained, as well.

This supports speedy business activities for your company.

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About a 70 min. Flight from Fukushima to Osaka, with regular direct flights to Shanghai and Seoul.

Airport Division

About an 80 min. Ride from Tokyo to Koriyama by Tohoku Shinkansen. About 100 of Up/Down lines between Fukushima/Koriyama and Tokyo run.

You can quickly access anywhere by highways crisscrossing the prefecture. You can take the shortest route to the Kansai area by using the Banetsu and Hokuriku expressways.



Expressways Unit

Port of Onahama and Soma are well maintained as key ports. Shanghai/South korea routes, and domestic feeder liner are available in Onahama for overseas logistics.


Ports & Harbors Division