Fukushima Pref ecture

Superior Transport Access

Located 200km from the Tokyo metropolitan area,
Fukushima is fully integrated into Japan’s high-speed
transportation and distribution system.

In addition to occupying an excellent geographic location in the center of Eastern Japan and conveniently close to Tokyo, Fukushima Prefecture boasts a well-maintained and, sea and air transport infrastructure that supports speedy business activities.

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From Fukushima Airport it is a bout 75 min. flight to Osaka,

Airport Division

The journey from Koriyama to Tokyo takes about 75 min. on the Tohoku Shinkansen. about 100 trains run daily between Fukushima/Koriyama and Tokyo.

The highways crisscrossing Fukushima offer fast access to the entire prefecture. Also, the Joban and Hokuriku Expressways offer a s hort cut by road to the Kansai region.



Expressways Unit

The ports of Onahama and Soma are well maintained as key ports. Onahama offers connections to China and South Korea as well as domestic feeder lines for transshipment world wide.


Ports & Harbors Division